Heating System Repair & Replacement Cool Guyz AC

Heating Services

Throughout Brevard County FL Heating systems are under an extreme workload.  In the case you need to have your system inspected or repaired to improve efficiency, the company to call is Cool GUYZ AC.  We have been working with homeowners in Brevard County for several years and look forward to helping you make the best choice for you when it comes to your home comfort. Call us today and we will work for you on the Heating service that is needed-from repair to replacement. 

If your current heating system isn’t working properly and not giving the home comfort you need you should contact COOL GUYZ to give your house a thorough inspection of the complete system along with the ducting already in place. It’s important to choose the proper heating system that works for you and your family, thus maintaining the best home comfort for you and your family.


Furnace and Heat Pump installation and Replacement

We start by determining the size system best suited for you and your home.  We do a total heat load calculation that gives us all the info for your new system. We start by removing the existing system and all of its components. We then install the new furnace or heat pump system and components along with all needed refrigerant balancing and air movement adjustments.

Let us know if you have any questions concerning furnace or heat pump replacement and if this is the best option for you and your home.  With the advancements in efficiency levels and the proper installation a new system can nearly pay for itself with savings in your power bill.


Furnace and Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

After you have your new system installed, or if your existing heating system is working just fine, it’s very important that you maintain the equipment with a regular maintenance program.  Cool Guyz can perform annual or bi-annual inspections on your heating system which can help reduce the cost of future repairs and keep your system running at the highest efficiency.  If you have any questions about our maintenance programs or need to learn more, give us a call today.

But in the case a problem does happen with your Furnace or Heat Pump system just give us a call for demand service and we will take care of you promptly.  We service Brevard County 7 days a week to insure all of our customers maintain their home comfort and happiness.

If you live in Brevard County give us a call for all of your Air Conditioning needs today and become a member of the COOL GUYZ family.