Heating Services


 It may only get cold in Florida for a few months out of the year, but  when the temperature does drop, you’ll want to be prepared. Unlike  residents in northern states, Floridians aren’t used to running their  heat on a regular basis. That makes having your heating system inspected  annually even more important. The team at Cool Guyz A/C & Heat will  give your entire heating system a thorough inspection to ensure that  your home or office is warm and toasty all winter long, even if it is  only a few months out of the year. 

Indoor Air Quality


 Poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to the development of  chronic respiratory ailments such as allergies or asthma, especially in  children. On average people take 20,000 breathes each day and 9 out of  10 of those will be taken indoors. Having a good air conditioning filter  is helpful, but sometimes basic filtration just isn’t enough. Ensure  that your indoor air quality is good enough for your family by installing effective Indoor Air Quality products from the team at Cool Guyz A/C & Heat, Inc. 

Air Conditioning Services


 Our air conditioning systems in Florida run almost non-stop for the  majority of the year and because of that, they can take a real beating.  Air conditioning units can become easily corroded from the coastal salt  air and moist Florida climate. If you’ve ever been without air  conditioning in Florida, you know it’s not fun. Don’t wait until your  air conditioning is on the fritz, make sure you keep your air  conditioning system running at peak performance and efficiency with Cool  Guyz A/C & Heat bi-annual AC inspection.